Appliance Repair Help By Phone

Appliance Repair Help By Phone

If you need some help troubleshooting your appliance and would like to do it by phone, we now offer phone support.

If you would like a qualified technician to call and help you with your appliance repair over the phone,  simply click the live chat button at the bottom right of the page and tell a technician you would like phone support.

The service is a one time $20.00 fee only payable once you have a technician in live chat that agrees to accept the call request.

If you do not want help via phone support then you can use our live chat service free and a technician will help you in chat.

We do ask if you feel the technician was helpful to you in chat please tip using the tip jar located on the right sidebar of any page.

All tips and payments are securely processed by Paypal.

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