Appliance Repair Q & ACategory: WasherMy top load Whirlpool washer won’t spin how do I fix it?
Thomas asked 2 years ago

Whirlpool Washer won’t spin question

I need to know how to fix my top load Whirlpool washer that won’t spin. It’s model number WTW4910XQ0. It was working just fine and this last load I ran the lid light lit up and it locked, went through sensing mode and filled up with water and then went through the wash cycle but would not go into the spin cycle. It will drain out fine. What steps do I take to fix it and get it to spin again?

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Master Tech Staff answered 2 years ago

Whirpool washer won't spin

When that model top load whirlpool washer won’t spin in most cases its going to be the actuator causing that problem. You will need to unhook the water fill hoses from the machine unplug it and lay it down or lean it back so that you can access the underneath side of the washer. Then you will want to remove the belt guard and have a look at the pulley and belt, sometimes the pulley nut will come loose and drop the pulley down and cause problems but you would know if that were the problem because it would make a horrible noise during the wash cycle and since you say it’s washing and draining fine but it just will not spin then the actuator is likely bad and not shifting from wash to spin. The actuator that needs to be replaced is part number W10006355 and can be purchased from amazon just click on the image below to order it.

Whirlpool washer won’t spin repair and actuator replacement instruction video

This answer would apply to all the model numbers listed below

MVWC200XW2, MVWC200XW3, MVWC300XW0, MVWC300XW1, MVWC300XW2, MVWC350AW0, MVWC350AW1, MVWC360AW0, MVWC400XW0, MVWC400XW1, MVWC400XW2, MVWC400XW3, MVWC400XW4, MVWC450XW0, MVWC450XW1, MVWC450XW2, MVWC450XW3, MVWC450XW4, MVWX500XL0, MVWX500XL1, MVWX500XL2, MVWX500XW0, MVWX500XW1, MVWX500XW2, MVWX550XW0, MVWX550XW1, MVWX550XW2, MVWX5SPAW0, MVWX600XL0, MVWX600XL1, MVWX600XW0, MVWX600XW1, MVWX600XW2, MVWX700AG0, MVWX700XL0, MVWX700XL1, MVWX700XL2, MVWX700XW0, MVWX700XW1, MVWX700XW2, NTW4501XQ0, NTW4600YQ0, NTW4600YQ1, NTW4601XQ0, NTW4610YQ0, NTW4630YQ0, NTW4650YQ0, NTW4700YQ0, NTW4700YQ1, NTW4750YQ0, NTW4750YQ1, RTW4640YQ0, RTW4640YQ1, RTW4740YQ0, WTW4700YQ0, WTW4750YQ0, WTW4750YQ1, WTW4800XQ0, WTW4800XQ1, WTW4800XQ2, WTW4800XQ4, WTW4820XQ0, WTW4850XQ0, WTW4850XQ1, WTW4850XQ3, WTW4880AW0, WTW4880AW1, WTW4900AW0, WTW4910XQ0, WTW4910XQ1, WTW4910XQ3, WTW4930XW0, WTW4930XW1, WTW4930XW3, WTW4950XW0, WTW4950XW1, WTW4950XW2, WTW4950XW3, WTW5500XL0, WTW5500XL1, WTW5500XL2, WTW5500XW0, WTW5500XW1, WTW5500XW2, WTW5500XW3, WTW5550XW0, WTW5550XW1, WTW5550XW2, WTW5550XW3, WTW5600XW0, WTW5600XW1, WTW5600XW2, WTW5600XW3, WTW5610XW0, WTW5610XW1, WTW5610XW2, WTW5610XW3, WTW5640XW0, WTW5640XW1, WTW5640XW2, WTW5640XW3, WTW5700AC0, WTW5700XL0, WTW5700XL1, WTW5700XL2, WTW5700XL3, WTW5700XW0, WTW5700XW1, WTW5700XW2, WTW5700XW3