Appliance Repair Q & ACategory: Washercode F51, UL, and now the control know is flashing as well.
Maria asked 3 months ago

MAYTAG top loader washer model # mvwb880bw0  keep flashing code F51, UL, and now the control know is flashing as well.  I have reset code start/pause and unplug it from wall,  codes return.  Now takes for ever to drain water but clothes end up wet.

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Master Tech Staff answered 3 months ago

Since the F51 error is a motor RPS sensor failure code and the RPS sensor is also what senses the washer having an off-balance load hence the UL error the most likely solution is to go ahead and replace the RPS sensor. I would also advise to replace the lower wiring harness as well as an issue in the harness can cause the sensor failure as well. The kit linked below comes with the sensor and the harness. I will link the kit and just the sensor and let you decide which way to go, but like I said I highly recommend you order the kit.
Rotor Position Sensor Kit Includes Sensor And Lower Wiring Harness.
Rotor Position Sensor