Appliance Repair Q & ACategory: DryerMaytag Dryer – making humming whirring noise
Mellie asked 2 years ago

Maytag Centennial MEDC200XW0, 6.5  years old
Turned on the dryer, it made a ‘pop’ sound and began humming/whirring.  Still runs okay and heats, but is suddenly noisy.
Here’s a short video of the sound:

Is this a sign of a motor issue?

1 Answers
Master Tech Staff answered 2 years ago

Maytag Dryer – making humming whirring noise

The whirring noise your maytag dryer is making is likely just the drum roller supports, you will need to take the dryer apart and have a look at them and see what kind of shape they are in, if the drum roller supports look ok then also take a look at the belt tensioner pulley it may be causing the issue. then pull apart the blower housing and see if maybe something fell down in the housing and is causing the noise. If all that looks normal and the noise is coming from the motor then yes that indicates a failing motor. Below is a video showing how to access and replace the drum supports. The drum supports, tensioner pulley and belt all come in a kit that can be ordered below.

How to access the blower wheel housing on Maytag Dryer

Here is a video that shows how to replace the blower wheel , it also shows how to access the housing, just take the screws out of the housing and pull it back enough to see if anything has fallen into the housing and is causing the noise.