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Whirlpool washer F35 error code

The world of home appliances is not without its challenges, and one such challenge is the ‘Whirlpool washer F35 error code’. This error code is a common issue faced by many Whirlpool washer users, and it can be quite frustrating when it pops up. But fear not, this comprehensive guide will help you understand and troubleshoot this error code effectively.

What Does The Washer F35 Error Code Mean?

The Whirlpool Washer F35 error code most commonly means the water level pressure switch has failed. Usually the code will appear during the washer’s cycle when the machine’s control unit cannot detect the correct water level in the drum. This is often due to a malfunctioning pressure switch or sensor. The pressure switch is responsible for detecting the water level in the washer’s drum. If it’s not working correctly, it can cause the washer to display the F35 error code.

How To Troubleshoot The Washer F35 Error Code

Now that we understand what the F35 error code means, let’s delve into how to troubleshoot this issue. The first step in troubleshooting the F35 error code is to check the pressure switch and the pressure hose. Make sure the hose is clear of any blockages or bends, as these can trigger the error.

Detach the hose from the water level pressure switch and blow through it to confirm it’s not obstructed. It’s also plausible that the pressure hose might have a leak, such as a hole, a worn area, or a cut. Additionally, the connection between the Analog Pressure Switch and the control might be insufficient. Start by checking for any holes or points where air might be escaping. Then, disconnect the connector from the control to the pressure switch and reconnect it.

Does the F35 error reappear? After performing these checks, remember to unplug the machine for a minimum of 5 minutes to allow the control to reset.

How To Access The Water Level Pressure Switch

The video below shows how to access and replace the water level pressure switch.


Parts You May Have To Replace To Fix The F35 Error Code

If the steps above did not remedy the F35 error the next step is to replace the analog water level pressure switch. Replacing the water level pressure switch will normally solve the F35 error. A common pressure switch needed for these Whirlpool washer models that give the F35 code is shown below.

Replacement Water Level Pressure Switch

Water Level Pressure Switch To Fix The F35 Error Code











If you’ve already replaced the water level pressure switch and have checked the pressure hose in the steps provided above and the F35 error still persists the control board has failed. The control board you need varies by model. Make sure before ordering a pressure switch or control board that you verify the part is compatible with your model washer. If you are not sure what part you need post a question in our Appliance Parts Questions Forum and tech will help you get the correct part. You can also ask the parts specialists at PrismParts.com.

Whirlpool Washer F35 Error Code Repair Help

Troubleshooting this error involves inspecting the pressure switch and the pressure hose for any faults or blockages. If these components are functioning correctly, the problem might lie in the control board. However, if you’re uncertain about any step in the troubleshooting process, we highly recommend seeking assistance in our Whirlpool Washer Repair Questions Forum. Our community of knowledgeable experts are always on hand to provide guidance and solutions.

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