July 16, 2024

How To Find Part Numbers For Appliances

How To Find Part Numbers For Appliances
How To Find Part Numbers For Appliances

Step One: Locate Your Serial Tag

In order to find a part number for your appliance the first thing you need to do is locate the serial tag on the appliance that has the model & serial number. You will need to make note of the full model number written on the tag. Below is a image of a serial tag to give you an idea of what you are looking for.

Example Serial Tag
Example Serial Tag

The serial tag location on an appliance varies depending on the appliance type and brand. Listed below are some common location for serial tags by appliance types.

Serial Tag Locations For Washers

If you washer is a front load style washer open the washer door and look on the inset of the washer frame the door covers and the serial tag will be located there. It will have the model & serial number listed on. If you washer is a top load then raise the lid and look toward the back of the washer frame and you will see the tag there.  On some brand washers the tag may be on the back side of the control console. If that’s the case for your washer stick a mirror behind the control head and you can read it that way.

Serial Tag Locations For Dryers

On almost all dryers no matter the model or brand you will find the serial tag behind the door. Open the dryer door and look on the dryer frame and the tag will be located there.

Serial Tag Locations For Free Standing Ranges

If your range is free standing and not a slide in type then in most cases the tag is located on the oven frame behind the oven door. Just open the oven door and look around on the oven facings for the serial tag with the model & serial number listed on it. If you model range has the storage drawer or warming drawer under the oven open the drawer and look on the facings of the drawer opening for the tag.

Serial Tag Locations For Slide In Ranges

If you have a slide in or built in range finding the serial tag may be difficult. Some models they are on the oven facings behind the door but some models have it on the bottom right side of the unit and if that’s the case you will probably have to slide the range out a little in order to see it.

Serial Tag Locations For Built In Ovens

Open the oven door and look around on the oven facings and if you don’t see the tag there then your model has the tag on the outside oven casing which you can’t get to unless you are willing to pull the oven out of the wall. In this case look around on the owners manual or purchase receipt and you might get lucky and find it on one of those.

Serial Tag Locations For Cooktops

The serial tags on cooktops are found on the underneath side or on the sides of the cooktop case. Hopefully you have a cabinet door underneath where the cooktop is installed so you can see the bottom and sides of the the case, if not you will have to pull the cooktop out of the counter to find it.

Serial Tag Locations For Refrigerators & Freezers

Open the refrigerator door and look on the inner walls inside the refrigerator and you will find the serial tag. On some older models it will be found at the bottom right of the refrigerator behind the kick plate/toe plate panel. Same goes for upright freezers. On chest freezers they are found in several places. Open the lid and look on the underneaths side of the lid or along the top of the freezer wall edges. They can also be on the bottom front of the freezer case and at the bottom on the sides of the freezer, on those you just have to look around until you find it.

Serial Tag Locations For Microwaves

Inside the microwave on the left side wall. On the microwave casing on either bottom side. For built in over the range microwaves look underneath the bottom towards the back.


Serial Tag Locations For Dishwashers

Open the dishwasher door and look on the left front inside edge, right front inside edge or right side edge of the door.



So now that you have found your model number tell us your model number and what part it is you need and we will give you the exact part number for your model along with a link to purchase it. Post your part question in our forum on the Appliance Part Questions Forum. We try to respond to all part number inquiries within 10 minutes during normal business hours. You will get a reply within at least 24 hours if you submit your request after hours or during the holidays.