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Range repair

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Model#: 79095372801

The front left burner isn't working and I was able to lift the top to see that one of the clips that connects to the burner ripped. It may be a 'wire harness' that I need, but places I have checked do not have images for me to confirm. Also, if my suspicions are right, then it's not replacing the one wire is it? The part comes as a bundle of wires?

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The wiring harness for that model is no longer available from the manufacturer. You can just cut out the damaged wiring and wire in new wiring using either solder, wire nuts or crimp connectors. Just make sure to use the same gauge wire.

Master Tech August 24, 2023 11:02 pm

If you need the actual plug for the burner on the wiring your best bet is to talk to some local used appliance dealers, odds are they have an old range sitting around you can get the plug you need off of.


1979 GE WALL OVEN has reading of F3. The sensor has been replace 4 months ago. can the electric control panel be order to replaced


I will need the full model number of the wall oven to give you that information.

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