May 20, 2024


Appliance Repair Q & ACategory: Washerlock-actuator-location
Joe morgan asked 4 years ago

Bosch model wfmc640suc/03.  I removed the water pump to locate a drain plugging issue.  Resolved that, but in replacing the door lock, there is an approximate 2 ft long flexible plastic piece hanging below the lock. When removing the pump, I didn’t see where the end of the plastic piece came from.  Was wondering if you could help me locate where the end of this piece goes to.

1 Answers
Master Tech Staff answered 4 years ago

That is the manual release cord for the door lock and on the side of the drain pump, there should be a metal clip that the cord attaches to. It there so that you can access the cord from the pump cleanout area on the washer. If you don’t see a clip you can just tape it to the side of the pump. If you ever need to manually unlock the door you just pull that cord.