April 25, 2024


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Don Mauldin asked 2 years ago

Apparently my MCU or the IU is out because it is throwing codes F06 E02. Maytag Duet front load Model WFW94HEXW2. Can you supply me with the part numbers? Also where can I locate a wiring diagram for the above?   thank you

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Master Tech Staff answered 2 years ago

First off the error is a communication error between the ACU and IU not the MCU. In most cases almost all of them that error is either caused by loose or faulty connections/wiring between the ACU and IU or it’s a failed ACU. It’s hardly ever the IU. Check the wiring first unplug the connections between the ACU and IU ( The main control and the user interface board) and plug them back and see if that solves the problem. If not replace the ACU. The ACU you need for that model is linked below.