April 25, 2024

Bosch Washer Error E01 Explained

This means that the computer is seeing the door as opened even though it may be closed, to repair Bosch Washer Error E01, first unplug your washer then you will need to check the the wiring harness from the control board to the door for broke or burnt wires. If all looks good check that the harness plugs for the door lock both at the control board and lock are each plugged in and making a good tight connection. If you find nothing wrong with the wiring then try plugging the washer back in and running a wash cycle, if you still get the error you will need to replace your door lock.

To replace the door lock you will need to remove the control panel, remove the manual lock release cable from the pump assembly and then remove the screws holding the door lock in place on the frame of the washer.

The door lock assembly replacement part information can be found at the link below. Click the image.

Bosch Washer Error E01 Custom Repair Guide

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Custom Bosch Washer Error E01 Repair Guide

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