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[Solved] LG Range Showing F3 Error

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I have a LG Range Model Number FB4335NS. It's a double oven gas range and it's giving me some trouble. It Keeps displaying F3 on the control panel and the oven won't heat. Can you tell me what the F3 error means?

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The F3 error code on your LG range signifies that the oven's control system has identified an issue with the temperature sensor.

To begin the troubleshooting process, switch off the power at the breaker and leave it off for at least one full minute before restoring power. This simple step can sometimes reset the error.

However, if the F3 error continues to display after restoring power, it's highly likely that the temperature sensor has malfunctioned and needs replacement. The temperature sensor is the probe visible on the back wall of the oven.

To confirm the sensor's condition, you can use an ohm meter for testing. A properly functioning temperature sensor should display approximately 1100 ohms at room temperature. If the reading deviates from this, it's an indication that the sensor is faulty.

The Temperature Sensor you need for the model you listed is linked below:


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