June 22, 2024


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General Electric Dryer; motor hums and won't spin...

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General Electric, DWSR483EB1WW (15years old)


The motor hums loudly and the drum will NOT spin when you turn the the switch to "Start"

If you help the drum start to spin in either direction with your hand it works fine and the humming stops.

It does this EVERY time you try to start it again.

I don't hear any scraping, dragging or grinding when it spins.

The belt is a little frayed in places but is still in tact.

The motor and tension-er both spin freely.

The black and white slides and felt in the front are still good too.

The drum feels like its hanging down a bit it the front.

I'm wondering if it could be the rear DRUM BEARING wearing out and causing the front of the drum to hang down and stress the motor. (see attached)

It still on the the original 15 year old drum bearing and has a bit of slop to it.


Any experience, recommendations or suggestions with this sorta thing would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks in advance!





1 Answer

The problem you have described is due to a weak and failing motor. The motor will have to be replaced to repair the dryer. The motor you need for your model can be orderd from the link below:

Click here to order motor

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