May 20, 2024

Samsung Dryer Error Codes: What They Mean & How To Repair Them

Samsung Dryer Error Codes

When your Samsung dryer encounters an issue, it communicates the problem through error codes displayed on its screen. These Samsung dryer error codes serve as a diagnostic tool, providing insights into the potential source of the malfunction. While some of these codes are straightforward and can be resolved with simple actions, others are more complex and require professional intervention.

Here’s a detailed breakdown of the most common Samsung dryer error codes:

Samsung Dryer BE Error

BE: Button Error The ‘BE’ error code signifies a ‘Button Error’. This occurs when a button on the dryer is stuck, possibly due to excessive pressure or repeated use. The dryer interprets this as a continuous press, preventing it from operating. Inspect the buttons and their edges for any that may be stuck. If you’re unable to rectify the issue the user interface control board will need to be replaced.

Samung Dryer DO, DE and DF Errors

DO, DE, DF: Door Errors The ‘d’ in these error codes stands for ‘door’. ‘dO’ or ‘dE’ indicates a ‘Door Open’ or ‘Door Error’, implying that the dryer door is not properly closed or something is obstructing it. ‘dF’ stands for ‘Door circuit Failure’, indicating an issue with the electrical connections of the dryer door. If you notice these codes, inspect the door switch and wiring for loose connections. If the problem persists replace the door switch on the dryer.

Samsung Dryer Error ET

Et: Technical Error The ‘Et’ error code represents a ‘Technical Error’. This indicates a serious issue with the dryer’s electronic components. If you encounter this error, try unplugging the dryer and waiting for a few minutes before plugging it back in. If the error persists, it’s likely that the EEPROM (Electrically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory) or the PCB (Printed Circuit Board) has malfunctioned. The main control board on the dryer will need to be replaced.

Samsung Dryer Error FE

FE: Frequency Error The ‘FE’ error code stands for ‘Frequency Error’, indicating an issue with the power supply to your dryer. This could be due to inconsistent electricity supply or a faulty power frequency sensor in your dryer.

There’s a possibility that the FE code you’re seeing is a result of a malfunction in the washer dryer’s self-diagnosis system. This means that the control module might be receiving an incorrect signal, leading to the display of an error code for a problem that doesn’t actually exist.

To address this, you should first halt the washer dryer by pressing the Start/Pause button. Following this, disconnect the machine from the power source by pulling out the plug. Wait for about 5- 10 minutes before plugging it back in and restarting the drying cycle. If the error code was indeed a false alarm, it should no longer be displayed after this process.

If the problem persists you will need check the line voltages :

Dryer outlet voltage value
L1 and L2 240 Vac 60Hz
Ll and NEUTRAL 120 Vac 60Hz
L2 and NEUTRAL 120 Vac 60Hz
Ll and Ground 120 Vac 60Hz

If any of those votages are not correct you may need an electrician to check the wiring on your home.

If they are correct and the error perists the control board will need to be replaced.

Samsung Dryer Error HE

HE: Heating Error The ‘HE’ error code signifies a ‘Heating Error’. This indicates that the dryer’s heating system is not functioning properly, either due to insufficient heat production or                      inaccurate heat sensing by the thermistor. The most common cause is a blockage of the lint screen or ventilation duct that traps heat in the dryer. Clean the lint screen and vent to resolve it.

Samsung Dryer Error OD

OD: Over Dry The ‘OD’ error code stands for ‘Over Dry’. This could mean that the dryer’s moisture sensor is malfunctioning or misreading the moisture level inside the dryer. If you encounter  this error, check the moisture sensor and wipe it dry. If the error persists, your dryer might need a new moisture sensor.

We just covered some of the most common Samsung dryer error codes, if you have a code that’s not listed here ask about it in our Samsung dryer repair questions forum.


Samsung Dryer Error Codes Repair Help

Navigating Samsung dryer error codes can be a daunting task, but understanding these codes is crucial for effective troubleshooting and repair. These codes serve as a diagnostic tool, providing insights into the potential issues your dryer might be experiencing. From button errors to door or heating malfunctions, each code corresponds to a specific problem. While some issues can be resolved with simple actions like ensuring the door is properly closed or the buttons are not stuck, others may require parts to be replaced to fix the problem. If you need help making a repair on any of these Samsung dryer error codes you can ask for help in our Samsung Dryer Repair Questions Forum.

Samsung Dryer Error Replacement Parts

To rectify these error codes on your dryer, you’ll require specific replacement parts. However, the necessary parts are dependent on your dryer’s model. Therefore, to identify the correct parts you need, it’s essential to know the model number of your dryer.

If you have question about replacement parts you may need you can ask about parts in our Appliance Parts Question Forum or you can ask the parts specialists at Just remember before asking a question about your Samsung dryer error code make sure to get the model number and include it with your question so the tech can give you model specific information.


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