April 21, 2024

Cabrio Washer Error F7E5


The C abrio Washer F7E5 error code 

means the main board has detected a shifter failure, this happens when the shifter is not engaging or disengaging for wash or spin mode.

  1. Reset the washer by unplugging the washer for 5 minutes then plug it back in and see if the error persists. If the error quits and the washer is working after the reset then the main board just needed a hard reset.
  2. If it did not reset then check the wiring harness plug at the shifter for any signs of wear or breaks or bad connections. Make sure the shifter can move freely and is not in a bind.
  3. Check for clothing lodged between the agitator/impeller and the basket. This could cause them to bind together and not allow the basket to engage.
  4. If the plug and wiring looks ok then there are some diagnostic tests that can be made with an ohm/volt meter. If you need help with this error code let us know.

In most cases this error is caused by a failed clutch/shifter.

The Clutch / Shifter Can Be Purchased From The Link Below

Cabrio Shifter

If you need the specific diagnostic steps to take for the Whirlpool Cabrio Washer Error F7E5 then click on the live tech help button at the bottom right of the page and let one of our technicians help you in live chat. You can also  visit our Tech Help Service Center and order a Custom Whirlpool Cabrio Washer Error F7E5 Repair Guide.

This error code applies to the models below in the tag section and many more.

The Video Below Shows How To Replace The Clutch Assembly


  1. Help.
    I just bought this part from you guys and swapped it out and we’re still having the same code. The washer is making a sort of grinding noise that almost has a rotational rhythm to it. H. E. L. P. Please.

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