July 16, 2024

GE Dryer E02 Error Code

GE Dryer E02 Error Code

The Ge Dryer E02 Error Code is an inlet thermistor short circuit error. It means that the inlet thermistor on the dryer is shorted and needs to be replaced.

The inlet control thermistor is located on the top left area of the heater housing. It is right of the inlet safety thermostat. The thermistor monitors incoming air temperature and relays the
information to the power board.

GE Dryer E02 Error Code Repair

To access and replace the inlet thermistor to repair the E02 error you will need to remove the top, control, and front panels (see instructions below). Once those are removed the dryer drum will have to be removed then you can access the inlet thermistor. Disconnect the two white wires from the thermistor, remove the single Philips-head  screw, then lift and slide the thermistor from the heater assembly.

How To Remove GE Dryer Top Panel

How To Remove Ge Dryer Top Panel



Remove the three Phillips-head screws at the back of the panel that attach the control panel cover and move the cover rearward or move to the front on the machine and push the panel backwards. Raise the panel about 3 inches and the panel will lift off.






How To Remove GE Dryer Control Panel

How to remove GE Dryer Control Panel


After removing the top panel (see instructions above) disconnect the ribbon cable from the power control board. Remove the two Phillips-head screws holding the top of the control to the cabinet. Lift the control panel up and set it aside.





How To Remove GE Dryer Front Panel

How to remove Ge dryer front panel




After removing the top and control panel (see instructions above) disconnect the door switch wire harness and
the sensor rod wire harness to the power board. Remove the four Phillips-head screws that mount the front panel to the cabinet. You may need to lift the front of the dryer to get to the bottom screws. Be careful the edges of the sheet metal can be sharp and cut. Set the front aside.








How To Remove GE Dryer Drum

After completing all the steps above if your dryer is a gas model  disconnect the inlet control thermistor and inlet safety thermostat wires from the control board. The next step is for all models.

How to remove ge dryer control  board bracket


Disengage the front plastic clip mounting the control board wiring harness to the cabinet. Remove both screws holding the mounting bracket to the cabinet.









Remove the screws from both sides of the cabinet and spread the sides of the cabinet apart so there will be room for the dryer drum to come out of the cabinet. The next step is to disengage the drive belt from the idler pulley and motor.




How To Remove Ge Dryer Belt

First if you haven’t already follow all of the steps listed above. When performing the next step keep in mind that the idler arm is under pressure so be careful when releasing the tension to not let it snap back on you.

How to remove GE dryer belt


Reach under the left side of the drum, press the idler pulley arm down and to the right to release the tension on the belt. Then lock the idler arm in the notch on the top corner of the motor support. Remove the belt  from the motor and idler pulley and position the belt so that its not going to hang on anything when you go to the next step.









Finally the last step in removing the GE dryer drum is to use the belt as a handle and pull the drum forward removing it from the dryer cabinet.










Once all the steps above are completed you now have access the inlet thermistor that is mounted on top of the heating element assembly all there is left to do now is remove the inlet thermistor and install the new one. The inlet control thermistor you need to make this repair can be ordered from the link provided below under repair parts.



GE Dryer E02 Error Code Repair Parts


The GE dryer E02 error information provided in this article  covers all the GE dryer models listed below in the tag section and many more.

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