April 21, 2024

GE Wall Oven F5 Error Code Explained

GE Wall Oven F5 Error Code

The Ge Wall Oven F5 Error Code is an internal failure code for the main display control board. It means Display/logic board failure. The only thing you can do is try and reset the electronics by killing power to it at the breaker/fuse panel on your home for one full minute then restore power. If after that the problem persists the only way to fix the oven is to replace the display module control board.

The control board needed to repair the F5 error code can be ordered from the link provided below.

Ge Wall Oven F5 Error Repair Parts

Display Module Control Board

Ge Wall Oven F3 Error Code Explained


This troubleshooting information for the F5 error applies to all the models listed below in the tag section and others.

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