July 16, 2024

How To Troubleshoot Whirlpool Cabrio Washer Motor Circuit

How To Troubleshoot Whirlpool Cabrio Washer Motor Circuit

To Troubleshoot Whirlpool Cabrio Washer Motor Circuit, you will need an ohmmeter and know how to use it. If you have one and can use it, then follow the troubleshooting information below. If you don’t, I advise that you all a local appliance repair company out to do this for you.

This troubleshooting guide will show you how to test the wiring to the motor and rotor position sensor, and also the motor and rotor position sensor components. Make sure the tub does not have any water in it if it does go ahead and drain the washer.

  1. Enter Diagnostics and run a manual spin test, follow the instructions listed under Spin Motor on our guide: HOW TO ACTIVATE MANUAL DIAGNOSTIC TEST MODE ON WHIRLPOOL CABRIO WASHERS.
  2. If the manual motor test worked, then you can stop here because the motor circuit is ok.
  3. Unplug the washer or turn off power to the machine at the breaker.
  4. Check to see if the wash basket will turn freely by hand. Give it a spin with your hand and make sure its turns without any kind of friction, it should be smooth and easy to turn if so go to step five. If it’s not there, some sort of friction the drive system that will have to be remedied. Usually, this is caused by items of clothing stuck between the wash basket and tub, or the motor shaft has built-up soap scum, corrosion, and the bearing is worn out. You will have to pull the washer tub out of the washer to check for items between the tub and have a look at the shaft. If the shaft is in bad shape, then you will need to replace the shaft & bearing to fix the washer. The guide KENMORE ELITE OASIS WASHER F51 ERROR CODE EXPLAINED shows how to remove the wash basket and replace the shaft & bearing if you find that is the issue with yours. The guide is for a Kenmore Elite Oasis Washer, but Oasis, Bravos & Cabrio washers are all made by Whirlpool and are mechanically the same washers. The only difference is the cosmetic looks and brand names on them.
  5. Remove the console so that you have access to the control board. Our guide HOW TO ACCESS & REMOVE WHIRLPOOL CABRIO WASHER CONTROL BOARD covers that.
  6. Make sure that the P5 and P10 connectors are correctly inserted into the control board. If so, move on to step seven. If not, plug them in or press them in better and go back to step one.
  7. With an ohmmeter, verify the resistances and follow instructions on the chart below. Whirlpool Cabrio Resistance Value Chart
  8. You will need to access the motor and motor connections shown in the image below, make sure they connected properly if so go to step nine. The following video below shows how to gain access to them. Cabrio RPS Connector and Motor Connector
  9. With an ohmmeter, check for continuity between all pins on the P10 machine motor control connector and the motor rotor position sensor (RPS) connector. See the control board pin layout below. Whirlpool Cabrio Control Board Connections
    ➔ If there is continuity, check the motor windings. If the motor windings are open, replace the drive motor.
    ➔ If there is no continuity, replace the lower machine harness. All parts needed are available at the bottom of this troubleshooting guide.
  10. With an ohmmeter, check for continuity between all pins on the P5 control board connector and the drive motor connector.
    ➔ If there is continuity, replace the drive motor.
    ➔ If there is no continuity, replace the lower machine harness.
  11. If the drive motor and lower harness are good. Replace the motor RPS board and perform the Diagnostics test in step one, making sure the repair fixed the problem.
  12. . If you made it this far and everything checked out so far, and  the manual Diagnostics motor test in step one failed, then the control board has failed:
    ➔ Unplug the washer or disconnect power.
    ➔ Replace the control board.

Whirlpool Cabrio Repair Parts For The Motor Circuit

Whirlpool Cabrio Drive Motor / Stator


Whirlpool Cabrio Rotor Position Sensor & Lower Harness Kit


Whirlpool Cabrio Washer Rotor Position Sensor Kit


Whirlpool Cabrio Electronic Control Board

The control board you need varies by model of the washer so be sure to verify you are ordering the correct board for you model.

Whirlpool Cabrio Electronic Control Board


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