April 25, 2024



The Whirlpool Washer F5E2 error happens when the lid lock has not moved into a locked position, or the motor cannot be powered. Listed below are the potential causes of this error code.

• Lid is not closed entirely due to interference.
• Check for lock interference with lock striker.
• Wash media buildup (detergent, lint, etc.) is preventing the lock mechanism from sliding.
• Main control detects open lid switch when attempting to lock.
• Main control cannot determine if the lid lock is in a locked state.

In most cases, the Whirlpool Washer F5E2 error code is caused by a failed lid lock assembly. However, the error could be caused by other issues other than the lid lock so if you have an ohmmeter and know how to use it the best thing to do is download the technical data sheet from the link below and go through the troubleshooting as instructed on test #8 on page 18. If you do not have an ohmmeter, then you can just replace the lid lock assembly, and that will probably fix the washer. You can order the lock assembly from the link below, just click on the image.

Whirlpool Washer Lid Lock Assembly

Click Here To Download Technical Data Sheet

This troubleshooting information for the F5E2 error applies to all the models listed below in the tag section and others.

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