April 21, 2024


Maytag Maxima Washer Error F1E1

The Maytag Maxima  Washer F1E1 error happens when the memory is corrupted or another ACU (Appliance Control Unit / Main Control Board) failure has occurred. The only thing you can do for this error is to try and reset it by unplugging the washer for one minute. Restore power to the washer and see if the error persists, if it does you can follow the troubleshooting below if you have an ohm/volt meter and know how to use it.

  1. Unplug washer or disconnect power.
  2. Remove the top panel to access the machine electronics.
  3. Visually check that all connections to the interference filter (IF) are securely connected.
  4. Visually check that all connections to the ACU are fully inserted.
  5. Usually, it’s best to unplug the connections on steps 3 & 4 and plug them back in to make sure the connections are secure.
  6. If the steps above did not help proceed to step 7.
  7. Plug-in the washer or reconnect power.
  8. With a voltmeter set to AC, check for line voltage at the input of the interference filter (See Diagram Below). If there is no voltage check the washer power cord and the wall outlet to verify voltage to the filter.
  9. With a voltmeter set to AC, check for line voltage at the output of the interference filter. If there is no voltage replace the line filter otherwise proceed below.
  10. With a voltmeter set to AC, check for input line voltage to the ACU across pins 1 and 2 of connector J8 AC In (IF filter). If line voltage is not present, check harnesses and connections between the filter and the ACU. Visually inspect inside connector housing for bent or damaged terminals. If there is voltage proceed below.
  11. The ACU is equipped with a status LED. This LED indicates the health of the ACU. After the ACU is plugged in, the LED will blink for 10 seconds, then it will become solidly lit.
    This LED indicates the functionality of the microcontroller and power supply:
    • If the LED is not lit, there are not 5 volts DC supply to the microcontroller. Replace the ACU.
    • If the LED is not solidly lit after 10 seconds of blinking upon being powered up, the microcontroller is not responding. Replace the ACU.

Line Filter Diagram

ACU Diagram

The Parts You May Need To Fix Maytag Maxima Washer Error F1E1

Interference Filter / Noise Filter

Noise Filter

If you end up needing the Appliance Control Unit (ACU) ask us in chat for the part information because that will need to be ordered according to your model number. If you need to know how to find your model number click here.

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