Whirlpool Range F3E0 Error Explained


Whirlpool Range F3E0 Error

 The Whirlpool Range F3E0 Error occurs when the oven temperature thermostat sensor is open or shorted and means that the control is no longer reading the proper resistance from the sensor, which is how the main control board determines the correct temperature in the oven. The control board converts those resistances from the sensor into temperatures.

Three different issues cause the F3E0 error.

  1. The temperature sensor has failed.
  2. The wiring or connection between the temperature sensor and the main control board is faulty or has a bad connection.
  3. The sensor circuit on the main control board has failed.

Whirlpool Range F3E0 Error Troubleshooting 

To determine which of the three is the cause of the failure, there are some simple troubleshooting steps you can do. First, you need to unplug the range or turn off the breaker that supplies voltage to the range. Then pull the range out so that you can get behind it to remove the back access panel. Some models may have more or fewer screws in different locations you will need to remove.

whirlpool range F3E0 Error panel access

Once you have removed the back access panel, you will have access to the temperature sensor connection. Unplug the sensor connection and check the resistance of the sensor (between connector pins) using an ohmmeter. The resistance at room temperature should be roughly 1000-1200 ohms. If not, the sensor has failed and will need replacing.

Also, check the sensor for a short by checking the resistance from the sensor connector pins to the sensor casing if there is a closed circuit between either pin and the sensor casing it’s shorted. If the sensor tests good and the connection between the sensor and board was secure, then the board has failed and will need to be replaced. The image below shows the location of the sensor with the back panel removed.

Temperature Sensor Connection Location On Whirlpool Range

The replacement temperature sensor information is linked below; just click on the image. If you need to replace the main control then ask us in chat for the part number as the control needed will vary by model.

Temperature Sensor For Whirlpool Range


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