Whirlpool Washer F01 Error Repair Help

Whirlpool Washer F01 Error

Whirlpool Washer F01 Error Explained

The whirlpool washer error F01 means there is a communication error in the eeprom circuit of the main control board, another words the main board cannot access or read/write to its memory chip. Steps to take to fix the Whirlpool washer F01 error are listed below:

  1. Sometimes a power glitch or power surge can cause this problem so the board may need a hard reset to restore proper function. To reset the board unplug the washer or kill power to it at the breaker / fuse panel. After 5 minutes restore power and see if the washer will start a cycle without the error returning, if so its should be fine.
  2. If resetting the board did not work above then the only solution to repair the problem is to replace the main board otherwise known as the CCU (Central Control Unit).

If you need help making this repair or need replacement part numbers for your model washer just click the live tech help button at the bottom right of your page or  visit our Tech Help Service Center and order a Custom

Whirlpool Washer F01 Error Repair Guide.

This error code applies to the models below in the tag section and many more.


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