April 25, 2024

Whirlpool Washer F21 Error

Whirlpool Washer F21 Error Explained

The whirlpool washer F21 error is the same as the Long Drain Error, which means the main control detected that the washer is not draining fast enough, if the draining process takes longer than 8 minutes and has not fully drained the tub this error will be displayed. Within the first 4 minutes if it has not drained completely it will display the SD error code first then after another 4 minutes the F21 error is displayed.

  1. First press the pause/cancel button twice to clear the error from the display.
  2. Inspect the drain hose for blockage or kinks.
  3. Unplug the washer and check the wiring from the pump to the central control unit (CCU), make sure the wiring harness connections are all securely plugged in at that the pump and the CCU.
  4. Remove the drain pump filter and make sure its clear of debris.
  5. Plug the unit back in and try running a new cycle, if the error persists replace the drain pump.

If you need help making this repair or need replacement part numbers for your model washer just click the live tech help button at the bottom right of your page or  visit our Tech Help Service Center and order a Custom

Whirlpool Washer F21 Error Repair Guide.

This error code applies to the models below in the tag section and many more.

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