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Whirlpool Cabrio Error Codes

Whirlpool Cabrio Error Codes For Washer

The Whirlpool Cabrio error codes are listed below with a  brief explanation of the code and linked to the repair help page for the specific code. Click on the error code for more information and troubleshooting details.

Older Model Whirlpool Cabrio Error Codes For Washers ( 2013 Models and Earlier)

  • Older Whirlpool Cabrio Error Codes List of Alphabetic Codes
  • DL – Door Lock issue, the control detects the door is not locking.
  • DU – Door unlock issue, the control detects the door is not unlocking.
  • HC – Hot and cold supply lines reversed.
  • LD  – Whirlpool cabrio washer code lf: Long Drain, meaning its taking too long for the washer to drain.
  • LF –  Long Fill, meaning its taking too long for the tub to fill up with water.
  • LID -Usually occurs when you try to start a cycle with the lid raised.
  • OL – Overload issue, the control has detected the load to be too large for the tub capacity.
  • PO – Pump Out. Happens when the lid has been open for more than ten minutes with water in the tub.
  • SD – Control detects too much drag on the basket.
  • UL – Unbalanced load, the load in the basket is out of balance.
  • Older Whirlpool Cabrio Error Codes List of F Codes
  • F1 – Bad signal received from water level pressure switch circuit.
  • F2 – Stuck key detected on the user interface.
  • F30 – Same as LF Code.
  • F32 – Same as LD Code.
  • F36 – Communication error between the central control unit (CCU) and the user interface (UI).
  • F40 – Control detects the automatic temperature control is open or shorted.
  • F41 – Control detects that the motor rotor position sensor (RPS) has a shorted or open thermistor.
  • F42 – Main control can’t detect if the heater is on or off.
  • F43 – Main control detects the heater is staying on continuously.
  • F50 – Motor rotor position sensor (RPS) senses no rotation from the motor.
  • F51 Whirlpool cabrio washer error code f51: Control board detects a bad RPS (Motor Rotor Position Sensor).
  • F52 – Main control board detects a motor stop failure.
  • F54 – main control board detects high current from the motor module
  • F53 – Motor module temp too high.
  • F68 – Same as F1 Code.
  • F70 – Same as OL Code.
  • F71 – Same as SD Code.
  • F72 – Main control does not know if basket engaged or not.
  • F80 – Same as DL Code.
  • F81 – Same as LID Code.
  • F82 – Same as DL Code.
  • F83 – Same as DU Code.
  • F84 – Same as DL Code.
  • F85 – Same as DL Code.

 Newer Model Whirlpool Cabrio Error Codes For Washers ( 2014 Models and Later)

  • Newer Alphabetic Codes
  • LF – Long Fill, Taking too long for the washer to fill with water.
  • DRN – Long Drain, Taking too long for the washer to drain.
  • Newer Whirlpool Cabrio Error Codes List of F Codes
  • F0E2 – Excessive suds causing friction on the drive system or mechanical friction issue.
  • F0E3 – Load in basket exceeds capacity of washer.
  • F0E4 – Water temperature too hot.
  • F0E5 – Off balance load.
  • F1E1 – Main control failure.
  • F1E2 – Motor control circuit failure in main control.
  • F2E1 – Stuck key on user interface board.
  • F2E3 – UI Mismatch: Failed UI Board or Wrong Replacement Board Installed.
  • F2E4 – Indicates that a parameter file in the UI is not correct. Replace The UI Board.
  • F2E5 – Indicates that a parameter file in the UI is not correct. Replace The UI Board.
  • F3E1 – Out of range pressure signal.
  • F3E2 – Inlet water temperature fault.
  • F4E1 – Heater stuck on.
  • F4E2 – Heater not coming on.
  • F5E1 – Lid Switch Fault. Usually means Lid Lock is in a locked state but lid is open on washer.
  • F5E2 – Lid Lock Switch Failure, lid not locking.
  • F5E3 – Lid Lock Failure, lid will not unlock.
  • F5E4 – Lid was not raised between cycles.
  • F6E2 – Communication error User Interface Board can’t communicate with Main Board.
  • F6E3 – Communication error, Main Board can’t communicate with User Interface Board.
  • F7E0 – No or low voltage to main board.
  • F7E1 – Main Control Board lost power during spin cycle.
  • F7E2 – Drive motor or Motor circuit fault #1.
  • F7E3 – Drive motor or Motor circuit fault #2.
  • F7E4 – Drive motor or Motor circuit fault #3.
  • F7E5 – Main Board has detected a shifter failure.
  • F7E6 – Main Board detected one or more motor lines open.
  • F7E7 – Main Board detected motor not getting up to full speed.
  • F7E8 – Main Board detected motor temperature getting too high.
  • F7E9 – Main Board detected motor is not moving.
  • F8E1 – Long Fill, Taking too long for the washer to fill.
  • F8E3 – Over flow condition , too much water in tub.
  • F8E6 – Main Board detects water in tub while lid is open.
  • F9E1 – Long Drain, Taking too long for the washer to drain.
  • F9E2 – Main Board detects water in tub is not draining.

If you need help with any of the error codes listed above or need a whirlpool cabrio tech sheet you can get help from one our factory trained whirlpool technicians using our live tech help, just click on the live tech button at the bottom right of your screen.

16 thoughts on “Whirlpool Cabrio Error Codes List & Explanation

    1. In most cases that error is caused by friction on the drive system which means the shaft is probably corroded and not allowing the tub to float up and down on the shaft properly. You need to replace the shaft and bearing on the washer.
      How To Replace The Tub Seal, Bearing And Shaft

      First you will need to order a special bearing tool and the parts so everything you need is listed below. Click the image below to order parts.

      The video below shows how to make the repair.

  1. 2012 whirlpool cabrio
    Error codes
    Will it cost too much to fix? Or what will it cost for each, I think one is for the board? Will cost a lot or get a new one?

    1. First, try and tighten the bolt in the bottom of the rotor. If that does not help and the tub spins freely by hand then either the bearing is shot or the RPS sensor is bad. Either can be repaired for less than 200.00 if you do the work yourself. If you plan on having to pay someone then just buy a new one.

    1. The dr Error Code indicates that the washer has run for 3 cycles in a row without the door being opened. To remove the code, open and close the door and the error code should clear. If the problem continues even after the door has been opened the lid lock assembly needs to be replaced. The lid lock for your model is linked below:
      The video linked below shows how to change it:

  2. My washer had had code LF for while now, my son used the washer I think he overload it since he used it. I keep getting a LF it drains then shuts off so now I can barely put anything in the washer to make it go the full cycle and when it does a standard small size it takes over a hour sometimes 2 hours to wash. HELP!!!!! im not sure if I got warranty on it. i got it in 2016/2017

  3. I dont know the year but its whirlpool cabrio
    Is whirlpool
    Type 580
    If was orginally f1 code and only came when trying fill with water in cycle. I could press pause and restart an keep going. It throws a dl code now and constantly and f code especially filling water an it wont work. Ive tried the pause an reset but it wont keep going with the cycle.
    How can I fix this?

    1. Unfortunately The problems you are having are caused by failure of the main board. It was failing when it was first displaying the f1 error code although you manually manipulating it forced it to continue on through the cycle worked for a while but now it has completely failed and will have to be replaced. The board you need to replace is listed below:

      Here is a video that shows how to change it:

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